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Sébastiaan Versteeg
Software Engineer
About Me

I am Sébastiaan, a 26-year-old software & data engineer from Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Currently I work at Safeguard while trying to complete my Master Data Science at Radboud University. Occasionally I'm able to do some work as freelance app developer.

What I can do
Android Development

I released my first app in the Play Store in 2012. In the years that followed I've focused solely on the Android platform specialising myself to know the ins and outs both using Java and Kotlin.

React (Native)

In 2017 I started learning how to use React Native to enable myself to build multiplatform applications while possibly re-using existing JavaScript code. This quickly pivoted to regular React and TypeScript as well. Components, redux and sagas are no strangers to me.


After working on the open source Django-based website of my study association for several years this has become one of my personal favourite programming languages. Great coincidence that awesome data science tools like Tensorflow are written in Python and I can keep learning new things in this versatile environment.

'The Cloud'

Firebase, Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services are wonderful platforms that give you the tools to quickly iterate within your codebase and even run serverless applications using their Cloud Functions of Lambdas. Is this all that is possible? Probably not. But being able to think about the possibilities this gives you is great to do. But in the end, the cloud is just other people's computers.

How to get in contact

Send me an email: [email protected]

KvK: 64810445